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Candles in Glass Jars

4oz Lavender & Herbs or Olive Blossom  $8.50

Hancrafted with olive oil, soy, and essential oils. 




Olive OIl & Shea Butter Body Balm $12.00

3.7oz Lavender, Lemon Verbena, or Unscented

Handcrafted body balm soothes dry and irritated skin.  Infused with essential oils, or an unscented choice.

Cook’s Choice Extra Virgin Olive Oil

500ml Bottle  $30.00

Cook’s Choice is an outstanding all-use olive oil.  We cook with it, using it to sauté, roast, and fry at medium temperatures.  And it’s also great for finishing everyday meals, including salads, soups, grain dishes, and for dipping bread. This is a medium intensity olive oil with lovely green tea aromatics, and a nutty, peppery flavor.

Olive varieties:  Frantoio, leccino

Olives harvested:  November 2015

Polyphenols:  208 mg/kg

Lucca Extra Virgin Olive Oil

500ml Bottle  $45.00

250ml Bottle  $24.00

This olive oil is from Lucca variety olives grown just east of Paso Robles.  This is a medium intensity olive oil with fresh herbal aromatics.  It is deliciously complex in flavor, with hints of green almond, green tea, eucalyptus and butter, and with a moderately peppery finish.  Use as a dipping oil (try warm pita bread or a rustic Tuscan or whole wheat bread), or for finishing seafood, winter squash dishes, soups, or salads.  Great on popcorn.   Silver medal winner at the Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition.

Olive variety:  Lucca 

Olives harvested:  November 2015

Polyphenols:  166 mg/kg

GIFT BOX  $5.00

Sending a gift?   We will ship it in a sturdy white gift box wrapped in colorful organza & raffia ribbon, with a gift message from you.  Gift boxes will hold up to three 250ml-sized bottles of olive oil, or our soaps, hand balms, and candles.  (Sorry, but our 500ml bottles are too large to fit into a gift box.)  Choose your own selection of items and add a gift box to the order.  Or choose one of our pre-selected gift boxes below. 


Olive Oil & Goat Milk Soap $6.00

4.2oz Pomegranate, Almond or Lemon Thyme

Handcrafted, and beautifully frangranced.   

Late Harvest Extra Virgin Olive OIl SALE 20% Off

500ml Bottle  reg $42.00 now $33.60

250ml Bottle  reg $22.00 now $17.60

100ml Bottle  reg $10.00 now $8.00

Our Late Harvest olive oil is made with estate Tuscan varietals that were harvested late in the season.  This olive oil is grassy, very buttery, and peppery.  Use in place of butter to drizzle over popcorn, baked potatoes, and corn on the cob. Delicious with grilled or steamed artichokes. Also great for salad dressings and as a dipping oil. 

Olive varieties:  Frantoio, leccino, maurino, pendolino

Olives harvested:  November 2015.

Polyphenols:  269 mg/kg

Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil  

500ml Bottle  $52.00

250ml Bottle  $28.00

100ml Bottle  $11.00

This is our signature olive oil, from our farm’s first Tuscan orchards planted 12 years ago.  We have been eagerly waiting for this season’s oil to clarify, and are excited that its intensity and natural olive oil flavors live up to our high expectations.   This is a robust olive oil, with fresh grassy aromatics that hint of artichoke, and a complex flavor that is simultaneously grassy, nutty and buttery, with a peppery finish.  Use for finishing pasta, rice or other grain dishes, grilled meats, salads of arugula/kale/spinach, tomatoes, and steamed or roasted veggies.

Gold medal winner at the 2016 Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition. 

Olive varieties:  Frantoio, leccino, pendolino, maurino

Olives harvested:  October 2015

Polyphenols:   218 mg/kg

Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil

250ml Bottle  $27.00

This robust olive oil is from our estate Coratina variety olives.  The Coratina variety is known for producing an olive oil with a very peppery finish.  Our Coratina EVOO does not disappoint.  it has a lively, herbaceous flavor hinting of grass and green tea, a smooth mouthfeel, and a black pepper finish.  Use as a dipping oil, on salads and steamed vegetables, and for finishing fish and chicken dishes.  Use to make pesto.  Try drizzling on fresh cheeses like chévre or fresh mozzarella, and on hummus.

Olive variety:  Coratina

Olives harvested:  October 2015

Polyphenols:  216 mg/kg

Gregg’s Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil  SOLD OUT         

250ml Bottle  $35.00

Yes, it is expensive, but here’s why:  The harvest crew works like mad to get a batch of our Tuscan varietal olives off the trees and into the mill within 45 minutes.  Gregg can give you the chemical explanation as to why these extremely fresh olives make such a delicious EVOO, but we encourage you to just try it.  It’s truly luscious -- robust and grassy but low in bitterness, with a slow peppery finish.

Limited production:  300 bottles

Olive varieties:  Frantoio, leccino, maurino, pendolino

Olives harvested :  October 2015

Polyphenols:  187 mg/kg

Maurino Extra Virgin Olive OIl

250ml Bottle  $22.00

This olive oil, producted from our estate Maurino variety olives, is delicate to medium in intensity.  It has fresh hay aromatics, a rich fruity flavor, and a light peppery finish.  When you want to use a more delicate but beautifully aromatic EVOO, this is a great choice.  Try it for dipping, salad dressings, roasting vegetables, finishing fish and chicken dishes, and baking.

Limited production:  100 bottles

Olive variety:  Maurino

Olives harvested:  October 2015.

Polyphenols:  156 mg/kg

Lemon Olive OIl 

500ml Bottle  $42.00

250ml Bottle  $22.00

Yes, it’s back!  For those of you who love our Lemon Olive Oil, the new season oil is now available.  Lovely natural lemon aromatics and flavor infuse this olive oil, made from estate-grown Tuscan varietals.  The lemon is nicely balanced by the moderately peppery flavor of the olive oil.  Great for salads, and for marinating and finishing fish and chicken. 

Olive variety:  Maurino

Olives harvested:  November 2015.

Rosemary Olive OIl  SOLD OUT

250ml Bottle  $24.00

Our new Rosemary Olive Oil is perfect for fall and winter dishes!  Aromatics of fresh rosemary infuse our delicious Lucca olive oil.  Use this olive oil to finish poultry dishes, lamb, grilled fish, roasted pork, potatoes,  eggplant, and root vegetables.  Great as a dipping oil, especially with focaccia.  Try seasoning a creamy polenta with parmesan and our Rosemary Olive Oil.  Yum! 

Olive variety:  Lucca

Olives harvested:  November 2015.


1 Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250ml)

1 Olive Oil & Goat Milk Soap - Pomegranate

1 Olive Oil & Soy Candle - Olive Blossom


Includes wrapped gift box.




1 Lucca Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250ml)

1 Pink Himalayan Sea Salt (1/2 cup)

and food pairing notes


Includes wrapped gift box.





1 Lemon Olive Oil (250ml)

1 Olive Oil & Goat Milk Soap - Lemon Thyme

1 Olive Oil & Shea Body Balm - Lemon Verbena


Includes wrapped gift box.




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GIFT BOX  $42.50

1 TUSCAN EVOO (250ml)

1 FRICELLI PASTA (500gr, made in Italy) 


Includes 2 recipes and wrapped gift box.