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2014 Cook’s Choice Extra Virgin Olive Oil         

500ml Bottle  $24.00   SORRY, SOLD OUT. 

Our new season Cook’s Choice EVOO is herbaceous, and moderately peppery.  It is a blend of frantoio and leccino olive varietals, harvested November 2014.  It is fresh and softly flavorful -- a perfect choice for everyday cooking, dipping oil for bread, and salad dressings.


4.5oz Chaparral Sage or Lavender           $6.00

Made with Kiler Ridge Olive Oil, Fair Trade Shea Butter, French Green Clay (chaparral sage), Bulgarian Lavender (lavender), and sage, lavender & clove essential oils (chaparral sage).

Hand Balm

2.2oz Lemon Verbena, Lavender or Unscented       $9.00

Made with Kiler Ridge Olive Oil, Fair Trade Shea Butter, Soy Wax, Apricot Oil (lemon verbena), Avocado & Almond OIl (unscented & lavender), Hazelnut Oil (lavender), Evening Primrose OIl (lemon verbena & unscented), Vitamin E, Herbal Essential Oils (lemon verbena & lavender).



2014 Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive OIl           

500ml Bottle  $46.00  NEW, LARGER SIZE!

100ml Bottle  $11.00        

We love this olive oil.  It’s exactly what we set out to make when we became inspired to make olive oil on a bicycle tour of Tuscany.  This robust, grassy and peppery oil is great for finishing pasta, rice, and ancient grain dishes.  Drizzle over winter greens and squashes, roasted root vegetables, and grilled steaks.  Use as a salad dressing for spinach, arugula, or kale salads.   New, larger size is the result of a mess-up with our order of 375ml bottles from Italy.  But you’ll have more to enjoy.

Harvested October 2013.  

2014 Late Harvest Extra Virgin Olive OIl           

375ml Bottle  $30.00        

Our Late Harvest EVOO is made with Tuscan varietals that were harvested late in the season.  This olive oil is nutty and buttery, with a lingering peppery finish.  Use in place of butter to drizzle over popcorn, baked potatoes, and corn on the cob.  This EVOO is also very nice for salad dressings using mild greens like Romaine and butter lettuce.  Harvested December 2013.

2014 Lucca Extra Virgin Olive OIl          

375ml Bottle  $30.00        

This is our first year of producing an extra virgin olive oil made from the Lucca olive variety, and we are delighted by it!  This olive oil has a complex herbaceous and spicy flavor, with notes of green tea and green almond.  It is becoming a favorite in our kitchen for dipping bread and finishing savory foods.   Harvested November 2013. 


Candles in glass jars

4oz Lavender & Herbs or Olive Blossom              $8.50

Made with oliive oil, soy, and essential oils.