Shop our award-winning extra virgin olive oil* certified by the California Olive Oil Council. We grow, mill, bottle, and label our olive oil on our farm in Paso Robles, California. *Please note that infused olive oils cannot be certified as extra virgin. 


 Dear friends of Kiler Ridge Olive Farm:

You may notice that we have introduced a few new bottles for our olive oil. The new bottle size and shapes hold the same delicious estate oil as our traditional bottles. We have begun using these new bottles because, much to our dismay, the Italian manufacturer of our classic square bottles is no longer producing them. We are working to source other permanent and unique bottles. In the meantime, as we run out of our stock of square bottles, we will be making the new bottles available. Please excuse the somewhat confusing array of bottles we will be providing as we make this transition.

We really appreciate your business, and hope you are staying well in these difficult times.
Audrey and Gregg
Owners, Kiler Ridge Olive Farm



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