Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Tuscan Olio Nuovo'19

Olio Nuovo is the "new oil" from olive that have just been harvested and milled. The olives in this oil are Tuscan varietals that were hand picked on our family farm in Paso Robles, California, then cold pressed within hours. We bottled this fresh oil within days of harvest, to give you extra virgin olive oil with the intense flavors of fresh olive fruit. This olive oil is excellent as a dipping oil.

Try it drizzled over hummus, hearty fall soups or roasted turkey breast. It is delicious as a sauce for angel hair pasta - toss your hot pasta with Olio Nuovo and a little sea salt, then garnish with sauteed garlic slices and chopped parsley. Use your Olio Nuovo within four months of harvest.

HARVEST: November 2019

OLIVE VARIETIES: Frantoio, Leccino, Maurino & Pendolino

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