• Our Story

A small family owned and operated olive oil production company

We take pride in growing distinctive Italian olive varieties to make California certified extra virgin oils that are both delicious and healthy.

The Beginning

Audrey and Gregg hatched the whole crazy olive farm idea during a bicycle-touring vacation in Tuscany. While eating at local restaurants, they discovered intensely flavorful and grassy olive oil, unlike anything they had tasted in the U.S., so why not produce their own high quality extra virgin olive oil back home in California?

In 2004 they relocated from Los Angeles to the beautiful central coast town of Paso Robles and planted their first 835 Tuscan olive trees a year later.  Audrey and Gregg designed and built the straw bale farm building while learning more about milling and processing olives into high quality oil. In 2010 Kiler Ridge Olive Farm began producing and selling estate grown, certified extra virgin olive oil.

"Gregg and I are passionately committed to educating our customers about high-quality extra virgin olive oil – including grading and standards, flavor profiles, health benefits, cooking techniques, production, and the current climate of US olive oil production. That’s why we offer a variety of opportunities for those who visit our farm to learn about olive oil, including educational tasting experiences, orchard and production tours, and a tasting menu of seasonal small-plate olive-oil paired dishes.  We hope to leave our customers with a wonderful experience along with the new appreciation of high quality extra virgin olive oil." 

Audrey Burnam