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Mill & Frantoio

Our Italian Peralisi mill equipped with four malaxers and a two phase separation process.  We surpass the leading extra virgin olive oil processing standards with customized technology and stringent cleaning standards.  Our goal is to process the finest quality of olive oil possible for every customer. 


Interested in producing extra virgin olive oil?  We recommend that you have a minimum of 400 lbs of olives (fruit) to consider custom milling at our facility.

We provide custom olive oil bottling and labeling services based on availability.  Our bottling line comprises an Italian vacuum fill machine that prevents oxygen exposure, a bottle top shrink wrap machine, and a label printer.

Reservations are required.

Registered by the state of California for food processing and organic certifications.

2023 Pricing & Guidelines

Please contact us regarding custom milling, labeling, bottling, storage tanks, estimates, and reservations. 

(805) 400-1432

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